Matt Fitch | Financial Planner & Retirement Planning Consultant

Matt grew up in a large family out of Worthington, MN. At a young 12 years of age, Matt’s grandfather decided it was time to teach him the values of investing. As his self-taught advisor, Francis LaBelle taught Matt how to invest in stocks. From 12 to 18 Francis and Matt saved and invested enough money to pay for Matt’s college. Living through an experience like this helped Matt realize he wanted to help others do the same for retirement.

After graduating from St. Cloud State University, Matt took a job in Minneapolis at Wells Fargo bank in 2001. After a couple years as a banker, Matt studied and trained for the Series 7 and 66 exams. In 2003, Matt was licensed to sell securities. In 2006 Matt left to be an advisor at A. G. Edwards in Minnetonka. This is where Matt started to research the 401K company sponsored plan industry. Matt realized there were many companies who needed help for themselves and their employees. In 2008 A.G. Edwards decided to sell to Wachovia and then Wachovia to Wells Fargo.

It was this time where Matt decided being an independent advisor was the best for his practice. In 2009 Matt Fitch partnered up with his long lost friend and coworker Bryan Strong at LPL Financial as the Fitch & Strong group. Today Matt and Bryan work hard trying to educate and help companies manage their 401k plans mostly in the MN area.